Welcome to Las Vegas Boudoir photographic tradition

Photographs are not just images; they are an investment, an investment for a lifetime; an investment that you cherish the rest of your life; an investment that you would pass on to the coming generations. Photographs freeze the moment in time and every time you see that photograph you relive that moment; that is what makes photography so interesting and essential.

If you are looking to freeze those special moments in time, turn on to Light Images, the place of Boudoir photography Las Vegas. For more than 25 years, Susan Gomez, boudoir photographer has created magic here. As an excellent family photographer Las Vegas, Susan has earned her reputation of creating some of the best family portraits and images here. It is not just family; Susan also shoots for weddings and other events, giving them her personal touch and producing them as portraits that are investments worth a lifetime.

When you enter Light Images you are surrounded by the sheer excellence of this boudoir photographer. With her passion for photography, she has captured the significant times of the lives of so many people and given them the gift of a lifetime. The studio is lined with different portraits of families, individuals and others. Of these you might not know many but what you would notice is the experience of this Las Vegas boudoir photographer. Her skills as a family, wedding and outdoor photographer are very much visible in her portraits.

What makes Light Images a special place in Las Vega photography is that it is not just a photo shop but a studio where there are a variety of custom backgrounds, props, settings and other paraphernalia for children, engagement, families and tasteful boudoir sittings. In addition, if you are looking for corporate and professional event sessions along with political and executive sessions, Light Images makes the arrangements. What more, you can get the prized possessions in the form of heirlooms, digital albums, framed photos and prints; as you want them.

Las Vegas Outdoor Photography

The beauty of the outdoors can be captured only if the photographer is an experienced one. Whether you wish to get a family portrait or an individual one, step into the world of Light Images, the one-stop-studio where magic moments are created by way of photographs. Known for her unmatched outdoor photography Las Vegas, Susan is sought by families, corporate honchos and individuals. With an eye for details and the use of modern equipments and technique, the Las Vegas photographer spurns impeccably creative work.

Las Vegas Family Photography

As a Las Vegas family photographer she has captured the memories of so many families in Las Vegas and Nevada. With a discerning eye and unerring vision, Susan is able to make larger-than-life portraits out of simple pictures. She knows how to capture the blissful family moments. Susan would guide you right from the beginning to the end. From choosing the right outfits to posing the right way, Susan takes care of everything. With hands on knowledge and experience of perfect lighting and posing, the boudoir photographer Las Vegas is able to give you the best investment of your life; a family portrait that would go down the generations.